21st Century HullKingston upon Hull in the 21st Century

In 2001 an aquarium, The Deep, opened. Furthermore at the beginning of the 21st century parts of Hull were regenerated. Among the new developments St Stephens Shopping Centre opened in 2007. Vue Cinema, the first digital cinema in the UK also opened in 2007. Meanwhile a new business district, Humber Quays, was built on the waterside. The World Trade Centre Hull & Humber opened there in 2008.

However the end of an era came in 2011 when Hull Fish market closed. Today the population is around 262,000.

Today Hull is a very busy industrial city, full of business, retail and leisure activities. It has a rich heritage behind it a number of local heroes, and even some national treasures. Hull still carries it’s own independence, our own council, our own busses, our own telephone company, though we are more integrated into the rest of the local communities within Yorkshire.

If one of the monks at Meaux abbey all those years ago could see the difference from then till now, I very much doubt they would believe it was the same place.

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